Transforming PowerPoint with think-cell

In this webinar recording, we'll dive into the think-cell PowerPoint add-in to demonstrate the various chart customizations that can be accomplished in just a few clicks. 

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What you will learn in this webinar

  • General think-cell overview

  • Clustered column chart + annotations

  • Excel linking

  • Waterfall charts

  • Gantt charts

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  • John Keller
    Strategic Customer Success Manager

  • Olivia Brown
    Enterprise Customer Success Manager

  • Meryl Wheeler
    Enterprise Customer Success Manager

  • Olivia Brown
    Strategic Customer Success Manager

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"I really appreciate think-cell's support because you demonstrate that you really care about your customers and work around the clock to find a solution to their needs. Not only is your product easy to use, it streamlines the slide production process, and the stability of the platform provides peace of mind.
I fully recommend your software to my new team and any other groups in my company."

- Armando R. Herrera Director, American Express

Customer Reviews

"Once you have it, it's difficult to go back and live without. Highly recommended. think-cell offers a seamless solution for very clean and easy to use graphs."

- Senior Manager, Management Consulting

"think-cell is saving me hours per week! I've been using think-cell for 6+ years and I love how quick and easy it is to build and adjust graphs."

- Mid-Market Customer